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  • 7 Best Quad Strengthening Exercises For Knees

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    In the video by Jared Beckstrand, a doctor of physical therapy from Tone and Titan, seven effective quadriceps-strengthening exercises are demonstrated. These exercises are designed to cater to various levels of difficulty, making them suitable for beginners, those recovering from surgery, or individuals experiencing knee pain. Here’s a brief overview of the exercises:

    1. Quad Set: This beginner-friendly exercise involves sitting with legs out straight and contracting the quad muscles for a few seconds.
    2. Short Arc Quad: Using a foam roller or a pillow to introduce a slight bend in the knee, this exercise involves small movements to strengthen the quads.
    3. Long Arc Quad: Performed sitting with knees at a 90-degree angle, the exercise involves straightening the legs to activate the quad muscles.
    4. Squats: Starting with sit-to-stand transfers using a chair and progressing to air squats, this exercise focuses on strengthening the quads in a functional, weight-bearing position.
    5. Reverse Lunges: This exercise involves stepping back into a lunge and using the forward leg to control the movement, targeting the quads.
    6. Walking Lunges: A more advanced lunge variation, walking lunges involve stepping forward and lowering down, requiring more strength and balance.
    7. Split Squats (Bulgarian Split Squat): An advanced quad-strengthening exercise, split squats are performed with one foot elevated behind on a bench and the other leg working to lower and raise the body.

    The video progresses from less challenging to more demanding exercises, allowing viewers to choose the level that suits their current strength and functional abilities. It emphasizes the importance of quad strength in everyday activities and offers modifications for increased difficulty, such as using ankle weights or dumbbells.