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  • 6 “Secret” Fast Fat Loss Tips


    I meet people all the time who are looking to lose weight, most of them tell me that they’ve tried all sorts of strategies, and nothing seems to work. When I start to question them about their diet and exercise the same things almost always come up. That’s why I’m going to refer to these 5 tips as “secrets” it seems like nobody out there knows them! If you’re looking to get a nice lean body then put these tips into practice, I promise you’ll see the results.

    1. Morning Cardio –
    Alright, technically you don’t need to do your cardio in the morning. However, some studies show that you might get an added benefit from doing cardio on an empty stomach. 30 to 45 minutes a day is all you need! If you hate jogging just look at alternatives, I personally usually try to do fast walking or the elliptical machine.

    I’m always surprised when I talk to people who are trying to lose weight and they tell me that they don’t do any cardio. If you want results, you need to put in some work.

    2. Count Your Calories –
    This is an easy one, trust me, it’s easier than it sounds. Just download an app such as MyFitnessPal and start tracking what you eat! If you don’t have a smart phone you can do it all online with these kind of websites, its easy, and it works, it takes about 2 minutes out of your day so there are no excuses why not to do it. If you’re serious about looking good when you take your shirt off you better be ready to count calories.

    3. Train With Weights! –
    This one was tough for me when I first started working out. I wanted a nice lean body and I originally told my buddy I didn’t want to lift weights because I thought I’d get bigger than I wanted. He just laughed and explained that it’s nutrition that makes you large or small. Weights are always healthy for you and a good way for your body to use energy, plus it gives you that nice athletic ripped look.

    This goes for girls as well, picking up weights will not make you bulky! All it will do is help you get that tighter body that you’re looking for.


    4. Make Sure You Eat Enough –
    One of my roommates once told me he was planning on losing weight. He started counting his calories like I told him to, and after a few weeks he was disappointed with the results. When I asked him about his nutrition he informed me that he was eating 1200 calories a day! He weighed 180 pounds, and 1200 calories a day for someone his size is extremely dangerous.

    When you eat that little amount of calories your body will usually feel weak, tired, and it will stop losing fat since it thinks it is starving. Instead it will try to save that fat in case it needs it as energy in the future, and may even burn muscle.

    The best amount to eat is a deficit of 500 calories a day, that seems to work just fine for most people.

    5. Don’t Waste Money On Supplements –
    I swear I could write an essay about this. Almost all supplements available don’t do a thing, or at least they don’t do much of anything. Especially when it comes to fat loss supplements. Do yourself a favor, save yourself some money, and stay away from these things.

    6. Join A Group Or Follow A Program –
    This can be a big one, having other people help you out with your weight loss plan is key to seeing results. Following a program is a good way to keep you alert and focused on your main goals. I know for me personally if I’m excited and have a plan put in front of me I’m much more likely to follow it, as opposed to just a vague concept.

    Losing weight can be hard, but it is possible, and yes, it is worth it, just imagine how it would feel to have our ideal body, hold onto that image, and get ready to make it a reality.

    Ryan Blair has been in the fitness industry for over 7 years now and has helped coach many different athletes to help them reach their full potential. His favorite pathway to good results is through good nutrition, hard work, and high end supplements such as Progenex