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  • 6 Best Hamstring Exercises (ISOLATE LEGS!)

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    In the video by Trainer Amy Joe, a seven-minute hamstring isolation workout is demonstrated, focusing on effective exercises to strengthen and tone the hamstrings. Here’s a brief overview of the exercises featured in the video:

    1. Romanian Deadlifts with Dumbbells: Amy Joe emphasizes the importance of the negative (eccentric) movement in this exercise. She instructs to perform 10 reps with a focus on stretching the hamstring and contracting hard at the top.
    2. Extra Wide Stationary Lunge with an Easy Bar: This variation of lunges is performed to primarily engage the hamstrings, minimizing quad involvement. The exercise is done with a wide stance, dropping down and pushing back up without coming all the way up to maintain tension in the hamstrings.
    3. Deadlift Half-Pumps: Amy Joe introduces a variation of the deadlift where you perform half-reps at the bottom range for 10 reps, followed by half-reps at the top range for another 10 reps. This helps to keep constant tension on the hamstrings.
    4. Hamstring Curls with Stability Ball: With heels on the stability ball and hips raised, this exercise involves curling the ball towards the body to engage the hamstrings.
    5. Pulse Lay on Back with Toes Turned Out: This exercise involves laying on the back with straight legs and pulsing upwards, focusing on the hamstrings. Turning the toes out helps to isolate the hamstrings more effectively.

    Throughout the video, Amy Joe emphasizes the importance of the mind-muscle connection and proper form to effectively target the hamstrings while minimizing involvement of surrounding muscle groups like the glutes. She also stresses the importance of adapting exercises to individual needs and capabilities.