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  • 5 Surprising Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

    Healthy eating and exercise is the very spirit of a healthy lifestyle. A gym membership and a vigorous intake of fresh wholesome foods, which includes vitamins and minerals along with your five a day, should help any dedicated individual to lose weight. That being said, there is no issue in helping Mother Nature along is there?

    Your diet, the way you exercise along with your mental attitude will all play a big part in how your body reacts to weight loss. This guide will not be presenting medically questionable tips and tricks; only the facts. So let’s look at five, rather interesting, ways you can lose weight.


    #1 – Stop Using That Credit Card

    Lose the plastic!

    Lose the plastic!

    Three Researchers at Cornell and Binghamton Universities found that credit card payments increased the risk of obesity. The rationale is simple; consumers using a credit or debit card will purchase more than they initially intended to.

    This means over-eating which obviously will result in obesity. The research indicates that people lack cash management skills when using a credit card. The findings specify that people who use cash to buy food tend to buy less but more healthy items.

    So next time you’re thinking of splurging out in the shops use what cash you have available and not what you’ve got on your credit card. The result could see you lose weight and gain some money.


    #2 – Eat In Groups (or in front of a mirror)

    It sounds crazy but researchers at RotterdamUniversity and ArizonaStateUniversity have found that people’s eating habits can be radically altered if they are visually aware of how they eat.

    Our psychological ‘selves’ are more visually aware of our eating styles, habits or behaviour. This, in turn, will engage with our perception of ‘self’ and as such our bodies will tell us that we need to eat less food. A good example of this is when we might not take a second portion or a naughty desert whilst eating out with friends or colleagues.


    #3 – Post Your Workouts On Facebook

    Let the world know

    Let the world know

    You might be thinking isn’t that a bit embarrassing or humiliating, well that’s the whole point. Research has found that people’s attitudes to public displays of weight-loss related knowledge will help change a person’s engagement with the process. It’s a bit like Weight Watchers – you stand up in front of everyone for the weigh-in and everyone can see if you have gained or lost weight.

    By using social media it’s the same mentality – you can show people that you’re losing weight, but by the same token you will get questions if you stop posting. The rationale is simple, the more public it is the less chance you’ll back out!


    #4 – Make Time For Exercise

    We get it! You, like everyone else, has a busy life. Researchers have found that short bursts of exercise over a six or seven day period will do more than a four mile jog or spinning classes twice a week.

    So, make time in your busy lives for exercise – it could be as simple as doing the ironing, parking your car twenty minutes from the office and walking the rest or even talking the dog for a walk. These little bursts will, over time, do more in a healthy lifestyle than a couple of big runs or classes.


    #5 – Use Your Clothes To Judge Weight Loss

    Use your clothes to judge weight loss!

    Use your clothes to judge weight loss!

    Researchers have found that, psychologically, using the scales is not as effective as using your clothes as identifiers or markers of weight loss. The rationale behind this claims the psychological ‘self’ will better understand weight loss in tangible terms – you can’t really see a 1kg weight loss but you can see a slight bagginess in a pair of jeans.

    Researchers claim you should use a pair of jeans or a dress that doesn’t quite fit. The psychological drive, along with the tangible or tactile feedback will better help inform the results of your weight loss programme.



    There you have it! Why not keep that credit card in your purse or wallet, maybe eat out in public more, get out that favourite pair of jeans and start posting your workouts on Twitter or Facebook whilst doing a little bit every day to contribute towards your workout targets.

    Follow these small but incredibly productive tips and you’ll find that you too can lose weigh and feel great.