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  • 4 Healthy Snacks For Gaining Muscle

    We all like to eat snacks throughout the day and whilst we’re constantly told that snacking is the reason we’re all overweight, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, snacking is a great way to get those extra calories and to spread out your intake throughout the day. The problem is that we’re all snacking on the wrong foods.

    In order to snack healthily, you first need to know what you should be eating and you also need to understand that healthy snacks can actually be more fulfilling and tastier than a lot of the pre-packed, high fat foods that are currently on the market.

    Here are a few healthy, delicious and muscle-building snacks:


    #1 – Nuts



    Nuts are probably the best snack you could eat if you’re looking to build muscle because they are full of protein. A handful of nuts is not only going to give you a huge injection of protein, but it is also going to supply your body with a lot of vitamins and essential oils that it needs to function on a day-to-day basis.

    Obviously, as with any snack you need to make sure that you don’t eat too many buts but a couple of handfuls a day is a perfect snack for between meals. Just make sure that you aren’t eating salted nuts as these will often contain too much salt and can therefore lead to health problems (i.e. high blood pressure).


    #2 – Blueberries



    Blueberries are absolutely packed with antioxidants that will really help you on your journey to repairing your muscle tissue and building muscle. Blueberries are also pretty portable and can easily be added to a small container and taken to work or the gym.

    Blueberries are great for eating post workout or even before bed as they not only help to repair muscle tissue but also taste great.

    Don’t eat too many of them however as like any fruit, they are full of sugar and too much sugar is only going to hinder your muscle building progress.


    #3 – Peanut Butter Sandwich

    Peanut butter is a great source of protein and healthy fat which makes it a perfect snack. Grab yourself a couple of slices of wholemeal bread (not white!) and spread a bit of peanut butter on it. In just a few minutes you can create a sandwich that is going to give you your protein fix and also, fill you up for quite a while too.

    A peanut butter sandwich can also be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge for whenever you need it. Prepare it the night before and take it to work to the gym the next day if you like.


    #4 – Protein Shake

    Protein Shake

    Protein Shake

    These days, a lot of us are busy and therefore, a protein shake might be the perfect snack for you. Sure, it isn’t actually a food but if you add a few berries (i.e. blueberries) or a banana to your shake you’ll get a great source of protein and carbs all in one quite to prepare snack.

    A protein shake with banana (or another carb source) is the perfect snack for taking to the gym and consuming post-workout when your muscles are really in need of the extra carbs and protein.



    These are just a few of the possible snacks you might choose to consume between meals. You can choose anything that’s high in protein and carbs but low in fat. You want to make sure that the snack doesn’t contain too many calories as well as really, it is only something to fill you up between meals or pre/post workout.

    Beef jerky, cottage cheese and protein bars are all great snacks too that would be perfect for those looking for a quick and easy high protein snack. Just stay away from the crisps and chocolate.