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  • 4 Beginner Soleus Muscle Strengthening Exercises

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    The YouTube video from West Coast SCI Physiotherapy, titled “Beginning Exercises for the Soleus,” provides a series of beginner-level exercises targeting the Soleus muscle. This muscle is especially important for runners and for overall lower leg health, but it often gets overlooked in typical calf exercises. The exercises presented in the video are:

    1. Wall Sit or Squatted Calf Raises: Performed using a wall or a sturdy object like a tree. The exercise involves getting into a wall sit position with knees and hips at 90 degrees, then performing calf raises while maintaining this position.
    2. Seated Calf Raises with Resistance: This can be done using weights or hand resistance. Sitting on a bench or chair, align your feet so that heels are directly below the knees and push down through the knees while simultaneously raising the heels off the ground.
    3. Bridge Position Calf Raises: Starting lying on your back with knees bent and heels close to the butt, lift into a bridge position and perform calf raises. This can be made more challenging by doing it on one leg.
    4. Bent Knee Calf Raises: Ideal to perform on a staircase with railings for support. The exercise involves standing on the edge of a step with toes on the step and heels hanging off, then performing calf raises with a greater than 90-degree bend in the knees.

    The video emphasizes the importance of these exercises in strengthening the Soleus muscle, which plays a key role in lower leg health. For those starting out or looking to target this specific muscle, these exercises provide a great foundation