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  • 3 Reasons to Train Your Legs Hard

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    Most people, especially beginners avoid leg training at all costs, or do very little and/or the easiest exercises. Here is the deal – if you don’t want to train your legs, you might as well forget about bodybuilding. It’s like running 100-meter sprint with your hands tied behind your back – still doable, but do you really need it? By being a slacker you just delude yourself and your body from getting real results.

    Here are the 3 reasons that should motivate you to train your legs hard:

    1) Legs take up to 60-65% of the total muscle mass of your body (some sources say that this number is close to 70%)

    massive legs

    If you are at least interested in building muscle, you can’t miss out on leg workouts, because these numbers speak for themselves. Your legs can truly become huge and massive. And when you start training those legs, you will be pleasantly surprised with results.

    So training legs = a lot more muscle mass. And it’s not just your legs – your whole body will grow! Exercises like squats put your body under tremendous stress and pretty much every muscle group is involved. During squats your lower back is tight and flexed to prevent you from leaning forward, your abs are hard too, they always act as a stabilizer in every major movement like squats, deadlifts, barbell rows, military press, etc.. Your pectoral muscles flex hard for additional stability, your hands squeeze the bar… and the list goes on. Training your legs (especially doing squats) will help you to grow all your muscles.

    2) Building your character.


    Nothing can create a better man than hard, intense leg training sessions. The harder you train and more you suffer, the stronger your character becomes. It shapes your will, determination and focus. And all those things are necessary when you go “all-in” in leg training.

    As Dorian Yates said (6-time Mr. Olympia) – “Hard leg training is what differentiate real men from boys”. And he is absolutely right. You need to have guts to train legs really hard. It’s hard for anyone – even for the best bodybuilders on the planet. But they do it anyways.

    3) Aesthetics.


    The more you achieve without proper leg training, the more ridiculous you will look! Having relatively big arms, chest and back, and skinny legs is just plain silly (not to mention wasted effort you put into this). And it gets comical when you get even bigger, and more un-proportional. As a rule of thumb – for best proportions your biceps should be the same size as your calves (many people forgot that such muscle group exists!) and just slightly smaller than your neck. Your thighs should be on roughly 50% bigger than your calves.

    We hope these reasons can motivate you to start training your legs harder! After all, you will not only achieve better results, but you will feel great about your achievements!