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  • 3 Exercises to Strengthen the Soleus Muscle

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    The video provides an informative guide to exercising the Soleus, a critical calf muscle for maintaining calf and Achilles tendon health. The intro emphasizes the importance of the Soleus muscle, which is often overlooked in muscle-building routines.

    The video highlights three key exercises:

    1. Seated Calf Raise: This exercise is performed with a heavy dumbbell placed towards the end of the thigh, aligning with the shin. The knee must be bent to specifically target the Soleus muscle. The exercise is recommended for those with acute Achilles tendon pain or recent calf strains, suggesting three sets to fatigue, ideally in the 8 to 15 repetition range, and performed three to four times a week.
    2. Soleus Tiptoe Walk: This exercise is more challenging and involves walking across the room on tiptoes with the knee bent, holding heavier dumbbells. The recommended distance is 10 to 20 yards, focusing on maintaining a tucked chin and a straight spine.
    3. Soleus-Focused Calf Raise: This is considered the most effective exercise of the three, especially for those without significant pain. It involves doing calf raises with a bent knee, using a wall or a step for support. The exercise can be done with both legs for those with more severe pain, gradually working towards performing it on one leg at a time.

    The presenter emphasizes the uniqueness of these exercises, especially the need to keep the knee bent to effectively engage the Soleus muscle. The video is aimed at both those looking to strengthen the Soleus for better calf and Achilles tendon health and those seeking rehabilitation exercises for related injuries.