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  • 10 Best and Worst Foods to lose Weight

    Yes, not every food is good for you and more so when it comes to matters to do with weight. It is quite often that we may not make the right distinctions between the skinny foods and the ‘bad foods’. Every food is good, but not all foods will be good for your weight. Certain foods will help you shed the excess pounds while others will do the exact contrary. Here, I will start by looking at foods which will give you a new lease in weight loss.

    1. Black Beans
    Black beans contain high proteins of up to 15 grams a cup. These beans contain no saturated fat unlike other protein sources such as red meat. This makes it an ideal food for weight loss.
    2. Hummus and veggies
    Hummus and vegies is protein rich and fights hunger and also balances blood sugar levels in your body. Hummus is rich in iron which boosts energy.
    3. Oats
    Oats are high fiber foods which are rich in resistant starch. Half a cup of oats contain 4.6 grams of the starch which boosts metabolism and accelerates the burning of excess fat.
    4. Avocadoes
    Quite exceptional, avocadoes contain fats, but that should not ring alarm in your mind. Eating the right fats is advisable for weight loss. Avocadoes are also packed with proteins and fiber.
    5. Sprouted Grain bread
    Sprouted grain bread enables the body to assimilate nutrients better. This helps utilize the starch and proteins which provide energy.
    6. Salmon
    Salmon is a lean source of protein and play a major role in helping you lose weight by making you feel fuller. Salmon is MUFA-rich which is known to help lose an average of 9 pounds.
    7. Broccoli
    Broccoli contains high fiber which helps in weight loss.
    8. Brown rice
    Brown rice contains resistant starch and a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burning of fats. It is heavy and filling but low in calories which makes it an ideal weight loss food.
    9. Raw Almonds and Almond Butter
    Almonds contain vitamin E which is an oxidant which counteracts free-radical damage. They also contain magnesium and vitamin B12 which helps calm the nerves and reduce stress. Stress is known to cause weight gain, therefore almonds will be important to help you combat stress.
    10. Pears
    A pear is rich in fiber, making up to 15% of our daily required fiber in just one fruit. However, the real fiber is found in the skin of the fruit. Do not peel off the skin.

    10 Worst foods for weight loss which you should avoid

    1. Soda and energy drinks
    Sodas contain high sugar and calorie content with little nutritional benefits. They raise blood sugar levels and calorie level.
    2. Sugary cereal
    Sugar cereal contains high amounts of inflammation causing sugar and gluten content.
    3. Coldstone’s PB and C Shake
    This milkshake is made with chocolate ice cream, milk and peanut butter. It contains almost three and half times more saturated fat than the daily limit for saturated fat.
    4. Processed baked foods
    These irresistible foods have an overturn effect on your health. They contain loads of calories and unwanted sugars. Avoid pre-packaged mini muffins, desert cakes and doughnuts.
    5. Stick margarine
    Avoiding stick margarine will help you maintain your cholesterol level.
    6. Bacon
    Bacon is high in fat, sodium and preservative sodium nitrate. Over indulgence may lead to heart and digestive system problems.
    7. Jarred tomato sauce
    It is quite unlikely to many people that jarred tomato contains sugar, but indeed it has.
    8. Soy sauce
    Contains high sodium content which will make you susceptible to conditions like hypertension.
    9. Fried potatoes
    Fried potatoes have high GI and causes a quick rise in blood sugar levels. Also, fried potatoes have high amount of fat added during the cooking process.
    10. Ice Cream
    Ice Creams have high fat content constituting up to a maximum of 40%. The fattening cream, sugar and egg yolks found in ice cream have high calories which will be a bad option if you are planning to lose weight.

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