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    Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PresseleyHenry, Jan 20, 2014.

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      A Dubai credit card portrays various attractive incentive programs, redemption offers and other quality services. With the introduction of online banking facility, master cards became an indispensable element in finance planning. Many leading card providers nowadays offer the convenience of electronic card statements. There are numerous options available for paying credit card amount like online banking and NEFT. Credit card issuers normally waive interest charges if full card amount is paid on time without fail. The precise manner in which interest rates are calculated will be different for each bank and credit union.

      Interest rate of a master/visa card is typically dependent upon annual percentage rate and number of days revolved. A money card often double up as a form of revolving credit and a sophisticated financial instrument. Special incentive offers of plastic credit are designed to encourage balance transfers from card holders. Interest rate of a particular credit card may rise phenomenally in case of non payment of credit card amount. Main benefit of a cash card is the convenience and flexibility offered by it to their elite customers. Reward program on card usage is another glittering attraction of UAE credit cards and it is a golden feather on the cap of card offers. Credit card unions in Arab countries released specialized credit cards for self employed individuals. Some credit card corporations in prominent Asian cities avoided joining fees and annual fees to gain customer confidence. Premium card suppliers in Dubai city provide a highly competitive spending limit of 25-30% of annual gross salary.

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