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  • Should I see a big weight loss in the early days?

    Discussion in 'Training' started by Newstarter, Nov 18, 2016.

    1. Newstarter

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      Aug 2016
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      As I prepare to start my new training regime I was wondering if I should expect big weight loss in the early days? Some people suggest that loose excess weight will drop off fairly quickly once I start my exercise and dietary regime. Is this the case?
    2. Editor

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      Oct 2016
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      Many people starting a new diet and exercise program will experience significant weight loss in the first couple of weeks. Many have reported losses in excess of 5 lbs in a week which is obviously very encouraging. However, it is worth noting that the initial weight loss will likely be “water weight” and long term weight loss will level out at anything up to 2 lbs a week after that. There are many reasons this occurs which include:-

      Reduced sodium intake

      Eating healthy has a dramatic impact on the levels of sodium in your blood which encourage your body to hold water. Once you reduce your sodium intake this can be passed naturally through your urine.

      Reduced carbohydrate intake

      This has an immediate impact upon your weight loss because water storage is directly related to the storage of carbohydrates.

      Reduce your direct intake of calories

      By reducing your calorie intake and ramping up your exercise this increases the deficit between the two. This also has a direct impact upon water weight loss although if you are not careful it is easy to regain this lost weight.

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