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    Discussion in 'Online Journals' started by jailynn24hb, Oct 13, 2012.

    1. jailynn24hb

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      Jan 2011
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      I am currently 21 years old and studying full time. I don't remember the last time I was really happy with my body. I've never been really badly overweight, but I am much fatter than I would like and hardly toned at all. I have fairly skinny arms which look disproportioned to my quite large breasts, hips, stomach, thighs etc.

      The reason I joined this site is that I haven't seriously exercised in a long time. I am a full-time animation student and because of that I spend most of my time on a computer. The type of work I do requires spending days just drawing or using a computer. Not much time for exercise. I am however finishing my first year in just one week and then I start an almost 4 month long break.

      In that time I want to start taking exercise seriously and lose weight/ tone up my body. While I don't want to be very bulky I do want to add muscle to my arms and would like to one day (for the first time ever) see abs on my body.

      I live in an apartment complex with a gym, lap pool, tennis courts and I live very close to some great running tracks so I basically have no excuses.

      Even though I live close to all those things I lack basically any knowledge about exercising and the proper way to do it which is why I joined this forum.
    2. Sonjiska

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      Dec 2015
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      It is very understandable why you've come into this position. But one thing is very important and you must not forget it. I know you are a full time student because I'm in a similar position to and they know it can be pretty hard to achieve what you want but my advice to you would be to during those four months work hard to tone up your body & get the wanted shape and then when you start college again you practice or do exercise at least once a week or go running, do jumping jacks or anything you want just to keep it still in that shape.

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