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    Discussion in 'Sports Training' started by Norjak71, May 2, 2016.

    1. Norjak71

      Norjak71 Member

      May 2016
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      I play baseball and now that it's getting to be summer my league is starting up again in a month and I need to start exercising but I don't know exactly which ones to do. Mainly right now I do a bit of pilates just to have range and flexibility since I play a combo of third-base shortstop. What can I do to improve my speed in my batting though? Should I be be more focused on my triceps and forearms so I can gain speed through the zone and what specifically should I be doing to achieve that?
    2. Myjourney

      Myjourney Well-Known Member

      Aug 2017
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      Hi @Norjak71

      This summary might help you:-

      Playing baseball requires a combination of physical skills such as hand-eye coordination, speed, power, agility, and endurance. Therefore, incorporating exercises that improve these skills is crucial to enhance your performance on the field. Here are some good fitness exercises that can help you play baseball:

      1. Strength training: Building overall body strength is essential for baseball players as it helps improve power, speed, and endurance. Focus on compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups like squats, deadlifts, bench press, and pull-ups.

      2. Agility drills: Improving agility and quickness is crucial for baseball players as they need to react quickly on the field. Incorporate drills like ladder drills, cone drills, and plyometrics to improve your agility and footwork.

      3. Cardiovascular training: Baseball requires a high level of endurance, especially during long games or tournaments. Incorporate cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, or swimming to improve your stamina and endurance.

      4. Core strengthening: A strong core helps improve balance and stability, which are essential for baseball players. Focus on exercises like planks, sit-ups, and Russian twists to strengthen your core.

      5. Hand-eye coordination drills: Baseball players need to have excellent hand-eye coordination to hit and catch the ball accurately. Incorporate drills like ball tosses, juggling, and reaction drills to improve your hand-eye coordination.
      Remember to consult with a fitness professional or coach to create a personalized workout plan that suits your specific needs and goals.
    3. FT Mike

      FT Mike Member

      May 2023
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      To improve your speed in batting for baseball, it's important to focus on both strength and technique. Here are some exercises and tips to enhance your batting speed:
      • Strength Training
      • Triceps Exercises
      • Forearm Exercises
      • Core Strength and Stability
      • Explosive Lower Body Exercises
      • Bat Speed Drills
      • Focus on Technique
      • Regular Practice
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    4. timmothysmith01

      timmothysmith01 Active Member

      Nov 2022
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      To improve your speed in batting, focusing on your triceps and forearms can help. Some exercises you can try are tricep dips, push-ups, and forearm curls with dumbbells or resistance bands. Additionally, incorporating explosive movements like medicine ball throws or polymetric exercises can improve your power and speed. Also work on your overall strength and agility through exercises like squats, lunges, and agility ladder drills. Keep up the hard work and have a great baseball season.

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