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  • Article: How do regular gym goers retain their motivation?

    Discussion in 'Training' started by MarkB, Apr 22, 2018.

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      Aug 2016
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    2. Joe Burrows

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      Oct 2018
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      Planning a fitness a routine and whilst its execution, you are bound to get demotivated at some point amidst.
      The only way to retain that motivation is to track your daily workout progress. You can take help of numerous workout tracker apps for this.
      I myself use workout tracker app during my fitness routines.I have been using Actofit workout tracker app for a while now and it has been gaining good results.
      Now I don't have to manually log my exercises, reps and everything. It automatically tracks all the exercises I do, the number of times I've done, my heart rate and so much more! I use it on my Apple watch but you can also use it on Android smartwatch too. Plus it gives me guided workouts too. All this for free!
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