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  • What are your training secrets?

    Discussion in 'Training' started by Toneup, Jan 31, 2024.

    1. Toneup

      Toneup Well-Known Member

      Aug 2017
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      As someone just embarking on there fitness journey, I'm keenly aware of how much their is to learn and understand about effective training methods. Recognising the value of shared knowlege and experience, I am reaching out to this supportive community for guidance and tips.

      I would greatly appreciate if you could share some of the insights and stratergies that have been pivotal in your fitness routines. Whether it's a unique exercise that has been particularly benefitial, a nutritional tip that has enhanced your performance and recovery, or any mental and mindfulness techniques that keep you motivated and focused, your advice would be invaluable to a beginner like me.

      Your collective wisdom will not only aid in my journey but also serve as a beacon for others who are just starting out and seeking direction in the vast world of fitness and well-being.
    2. timmothysmith01

      timmothysmith01 Well-Known Member

      Nov 2022
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      Here are some tips for trainers:

      • Be a good mentor
      • Emphasize the basics
      • Provide hands-on training
      • Let the student become the teacher
      • Present the problem and ask for solutions
      • Encourage, support, and reward growth
      • Be empathetic and try to get inside your employees' shoes
      • Mix your training styles and content
      • Interpret non-verbal communication
      • Keep the energy up
      • Don't be afraid to repeat

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