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  • What does it take to become a personal trainer?

    Discussion in 'For Personal Trainers' started by hayley, Oct 17, 2018.

    1. hayley

      hayley New Member

      Oct 2018
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      I always say that it takes a lot of courage, patience and insight to become a personal trainer in the social media era. As you will all know, there is a lot to learn in terms of anatomy, nutrition, training and exercise, but in order to put your knowledge into practice, you must also learn about people.

      Once you have completed your Level 2 fitness instructor training you will have a better understanding of how to plan your workout and how the body works. It's important to make sure that you get into the mindset of being a support system for your client. You must go into the session with no expectations and ready for anything.

      To become a personal trainer, you must be understanding, patient and flexible with your training sessions. Every individual is different and will respond differently to criticism, your technique and training methods.

    2. Newstarter

      Newstarter Well-Known Member

      Aug 2016
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      Hi @hayley

      I like your style - PT with a glass of wine in hand :)

      I assume you are a PT?
    3. Toneup

      Toneup Well-Known Member

      Aug 2017
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      I presume PTs also need to keep up to date with the latest exercise trends and medical feedback. Each year what is supposedly good and bad for us seems to flip-flop at an alarming rate. Do PTs need insurance cover?

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