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    Discussion in 'Fat Loss' started by baletki, Oct 10, 2012.

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      I do believe it's enough time. I can go on my weight loss graph and show you exactly what I lost and in how long in correspondence to what I ate. When I ate 1500-1600 it showed, when I ate 1800 it showed, when I ate maintenance around 2100 (two times over the last year) weight loss flatlined/gained a little from water. I know what my maintenance is and I guarantee you it's around 2100 give or take 100.

      Low LBM, sedentary other than lifting weights 45-60 minutes 5 times a week. + Cutting since February with only 2 maintenance breaks.

      If anything for having 120-130lbm and sitting on my computer all day (hello post count to join date ratio) I'm doing pretty good for having a 2100 maintenance.

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