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  • SARMs Stacks for Women

    Discussion in 'Female Bodybuilding' started by Auris, Jun 2, 2018.

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      May 2018
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      There are stackable SARMs for women, specifically designed for their use. One of the packages that could be better for women consists of GW, MK-2866, and S4. This seems to be a truly impressive trio for women, and with minimal side effects. In general, dosage for women is much lower than for men. Side effects of testosterone-increasing SARMs can lead to virilization, or physical changes that distinguish men from women.

      For example, women who dramatically increase testosterone may experience a deepening of the voice, male hair growth patterns, as well as hair loss, acne, menstrual problems, or other issues. Some women even choose to go with a product that’s only anabolic, and not androgenic, as it doesn’t increase testosterone production.

      Though women’s use of SARMs hasn’t been studied or tried as much as men’s, it has given impressive results. Scientists even believe it could help with preventing later problems in aging, such as osteoporosis. However, it is always prudent to keep in mind that one given product may affect two women differently, and therefore give mixed results.


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