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  • SARMS: Liquid vs Capsule, Which Is Better?

    Discussion in 'Anabolic Zone' started by Auris, Aug 15, 2018.

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      May 2018
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      Purchasing SARMS online is generally considered a “grey area” that sort of crosses the boundaries of legality. In their most “normal” state (liquid), SARMS are legal to purchase for research purposes. The fact that the product is in liquid form gives no indication that the product will be used for human consumption.

      Capsule SARMS, on the other hand, are completely illegal. The simple act of adding the powder to a capsule is enough indication that the product will be used for human consumption, which is currently not allowed in the United States and the majority of other countries around the world.

      The effectiveness of liquids vs capsule SARMS is not really up for debate, as they both contain the exact same substances. The only difference is simply that one is in its “normal” state of liquid, and the other is in a capsule.

      Another problem with purchasing capsule SARMS is the fact that the product has been purchased, repackaged and re-sold to you, the consumer. These added steps of the manufacturing process leave the consumer vulnerable to receiving sub-par products, or even ones that are completely fake.

      Liquid SARMS are sold for research purposes, so that fact alone should tell you that the liquid version is going to be the “real deal” and the best quality that you can purchase.


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