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    Discussion in 'Fat Loss' started by Tom White @gymtoto, Dec 10, 2016.

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      It is that time of year where you are likely to gain a little bit of unwanted body fat but dont worry you are not on your own here.
      Indulging is not a bad thing but you should make a plan now about how to get in shape in th new year.
      Set yourself a goal, this will help you work towards a goal. In your plan you want to include an exercise programme and a healthy eating plan. Try to make it part of your new you life and not do it as a chore. You wont give up this way!

      To successfully lose those pounds you have put on you have to be consistent in your plan. Stick to it an you will get results and be in amazing shape!

      I would recommend doing a mixture of resistance and cardio training 3x a week taking about 40 min to complete. Do a circuit workout to keep it interesting.

      When taking a look how to eat healthy i would recommend the following.

      Dont eat excessive carbs. 1 gram of carbs needs about 3 grams of water to work in the body. Eat too much and not only are you eating more calories but you will increase how bloated you feel due to the water retaining in your body.
      Increase your veg and cut carbs down slightly.
      Eat slowly. It takes about 15 minutes for your body to realise its full.
      Remember overeating causes weight gain.

      Another thing to remember is losing fat takes time. If you exercise too intensely the energy your burning will also come from the muscle so take the time and gently do it.
      Simple changes make a big difference. Go for it! And enjoy Christmas eating guilt free!

      If you have any fatloss questions ask and i will reply.

      Good luck
      twitter @gymtoto

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