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  • new here...need help!! FORTIS MEDICA?

    Discussion in 'Anabolic Zone' started by Raleoxilevz, Mar 20, 2012.

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      Dec 2010
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      Good afternoon!

      Im new here but use the site for advice. I am just about to start my next course,
      750 MG SUS
      500 EQ
      50 MG WIN
      ADEX -

      I wont to have solid gains without too much water, usual past courses was test 400, deca 300 -
      The sus which i have got is called 'susterone 250 from fortis medica? quite good packaging and does look like pharma stuff -there is just nothing on the net about this brand? and dont want to start something which could be shi& has anyone heard of them or any other advise, my source is usually very good. but there are reports from a few years ago 'fortis' ugl was doing the rounads and was terrible...
      any help would be great


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