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  • Motorbike licence

    Discussion in 'General Chat' started by parnassto, May 7, 2012.

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      Motorbike licence

      I'm 48. My fulltime transport is a Harley. I live in central London. Had it six and a half years and will never be without one again.

      Race tuned rebuilt 1200. Loud. And fun.

      GF loves it and summer's coming.

      Your chances improve dramatically if you live through the first year.

      Just make sure you get where you were headed in the safest possible way. Screw insane speed. Had mine at 120mph once. And that's all I'll ever need. Used to run it like that once a week for years. Can't even be ar$ed to clock it over 85 anymore.

      But it was never about that anyway.

      Loud pipes save lives.

      Ride safe.

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