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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by AkinaRose90, Jul 18, 2018.

    1. AkinaRose90

      AkinaRose90 New Member

      Jul 2018
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      Well, after a few days reading through the site i thought i might aswell become a member, atleast this way i could say thanks for the information ive gained

      Anyway, i wont lie, im a big lad, 16 stone if im honest, but this has come down from 18 in the last 2 months, new years resolution and such, along with the 5 year old nephew calling me fat every other day lol, so i thought i might aswell do something about it, ive never been a small lad, im just shy of 6ft and naturally broad shouldered, altho i cant use that as an excuse for my beer belly, im looking to get rid of the fat and build a bit of muscle, im not exactly wanting to impress other people, just want to be happy with myself, so i dont mind if its not rapid progress, looking to lose another 2-3 stone but coupled with gaining a bit of muscle mass and definition, anyway, i guess i'll leave the rest of it for the relevent sections of the forum

    2. AllysAngels

      AllysAngels Site Partner Staff Member

      Apr 2018
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      Hi Srimera,

      Welcome welcome welcome! Sounds like you are in the great place to be starting your journey for YOU... no body else, just you.
      Having the mentality of this being a long term goal is also fantastic - we see it time and time again, fast results often lead to a fast rebound. Setting short AND long term goals is the best approach to keep you on track and have a realistic expectation.
      Are you training at the moment?
    3. MarkB

      MarkB Administrator Staff Member

      Aug 2016
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      Hi @AkinaRose90

      Welcome to the forum it sounds as though you have already started your weight loss journey - good for you!

      Personally, I think it always helps to have a goal/a target when looking to lose weight. If that is to stop your nephew calling you fat then use that to your advantage.

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