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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by BrentM.Adams36, Jul 17, 2018.

    1. BrentM.Adams36

      BrentM.Adams36 New Member

      Jul 2018
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      Been reading alot for the last few days on here and a few other forums, so decided to sign up and get involved. Basic background, Im 24, have recently got back into fitness and more importantly weight training. Before the last year or 2 always been an active person but for one reason or another stopped more or less altogether. Last few months got back into playing football, going for a run or 2 a week, and ive signed upto the gym which is why im here. Looking for a bit of advice. Currently getting to the gym 2-3 times a week and as said above, football once a week and a 3 mile run once or twice a week.

      Im about 5' 8 and just under 10 1/2 stone.

      As you can see from below diet i havent much of a clue at the minute, but suppose we all need to start somewhere, started on this protein for no reason other than what came up after a few searches on other forums:

      This is just an example...

      Breakfast - Nutrisport 90 protein shake.
      Mid Morning - Usually Tuna Sandwich or 2 in wholemeal bread and some fruit (usually can be: blueberries/pineapple/banana etc)
      Lunch - 2 Chicken Breasts with pasta or rice or more sandwiches or soup if i have no time to prepare.
      Afternoon snack - Apple or Banana.
      Tea - Still living at home so always get a good meal with fresh meat and veg.
      Night time - Another protein shake before bed.
      Any snacks on a night time may include: Beef jerky, almonds, fruit, dont have a sweet tooth so very very rarely eat chocolate.

      Speaking to a mate, he advised to get something along the lines of Met Rx Size up, but heard that many other things such as getting creatine/other supp's as well.

      Any advice on diet and supplements much appreciated!!
    2. MarkB

      MarkB Administrator Staff Member

      Aug 2016
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      Hi @BrentM.Adams36

      Welcome to the forum - sorry for the delay in posting.

      I would be interested to learn what target(s) you have now that you are back in the fitness mindset?
    3. amitacharaya1994

      amitacharaya1994 Member

      Jun 2018
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      Hey, welcome to the forum, even I am new!!

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