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  • Fast food question for you.

    Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by AlmaBonner37, Jul 18, 2018.

    1. AlmaBonner37

      AlmaBonner37 New Member

      Jul 2018
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      How often does everyone on here eat fast food? i got kfc today whick is the first fast food ive had in months sooo feelin kinda **

      I got a bbq rancher (grilled chicken) and reg chips. Seemed okay to me since i NEVER eat it haha
      how often do you go and eat out and what would you usually get?
    2. MarkB

      MarkB Administrator Staff Member

      Aug 2016
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      There is nothing wrong with eating fast food in moderation - personally I am lucky if I now have fast food more than once a month. However, many fast food outlets and restaurants now have healthier options as the pressure to eat healthy continues to build.

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