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    Discussion in 'For Personal Trainers' started by Korporalegq, Oct 19, 2012.

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      Sorry if this is in the wrong area but since you guys do this for a living you can probably help me the most make sense of this. What are the advantages of linear progression vs maximal strength periodization? I understand how linear progression is as simple as adding weight each time you lift either from work out to work out or weekly. My question is programs that are designed for maximal strength and the percentages used. For example week 1 3x8 70%, week 2 3x6 80%, week 3 3x3 90%, week 4 3x10 70% week 5 3x3 90% week 6 3x1+ 95%. What is the point of programs like that if most people can just add weight from work out to work out or at least from week to week? Do you get a lot stronger on your 1rm with programs like I mentioned or something? I just don't understand and I am trying to gather as much information as I can. From what I have gathered from reading is that unless your an elite lifter and not able to progress linearly anymore on programs like texas method, madcows or SS should be used. Considering that the majority of people are not elite lifters then why are their programs like that around for "maximal strength"?

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