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  • When will i see training results?

    Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Tom White @gymtoto, Jun 30, 2017.

    1. Tom White @gymtoto

      Tom White @gymtoto Moderator

      Sep 2016
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      A common question I get asked alot is the following.

      How long will it take before I see or feel any results from training?

      This question is quite open ended but I can give you in my professional experience a general answer.
      First of all we need to know what kind of training programme you are on. For example results for different aspects of training will differ from whatever the goal is. If you are training to lose weight the plan will not be the same as if you was looking to gain weight and muscle mass. Also if you are training to run a marathon the noticeable results will again be different to other types of training.

      Ok so when do the results come?

      Well lets assume you are training 3 days a week for any chosen goal.
      Also lets assume that whatever the nutritional requirements are for the chosen goal that your diet is on point 100 percent.
      Lets assume that also the training schedule your doing is the correct protocol for your chosen goal.

      Now you may look at the above and say well I don't realy know how to train I don't know how to diet and I cant train 3 days a week. Well the harsh truth here is your already making excuses because you have not done your ground work to support your plan thus the answer to when will I see results is probably never.

      Like any plan you may have like lets say for example if you plan to paint your house if you turn up with just a tin of paint and no tools how are you going to open the paint, mix it, apply it? It wont happen and you will just say I will do it next week.. Or you will do the homework get the tools and off you go then after the hard work you see the results!

      Now lets go back, so you have done your homework for example got a Personal Trainer to guide you, started your plan and putting 100 percent effort into what your doing. I can guarantee you that if you stick to it no matter what shape you are or what goal you have you WILL see and feel results within 3 weeks, yes 3 weeks. And if you keep going you will succeed in achieving what your long term goals are.

      We all stumble and have times when the plan seems to fall apart but just remember why you started and stay strong for yourself.

      Anyone can achieve the physique they want you just have to do it, its realy that simple.
      So f you have been thinking you want t get in shape give it a go and stick to it for at least 3 weeks. Your future self will thank you for it.

      Don't forget you can get support on real muscle forum so if you have any questions do ask!
      Good luck.
    2. MarkB

      MarkB Administrator Staff Member

      Aug 2016
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      Hi Tom

      Sorry I have been quiet recently - I am now back online and looking to push the forum.



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