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    SARMs Effect on Sex Drive and Sperm!

    Discussion in 'Anabolic Zone' started by Auris, Jun 9, 2018.

    1. Auris

      Auris Active Member

      May 2018
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      SARMs do not affect sex drive or sperm count.

      As one of the distasteful side effects of steroids or other strong testosterone-enhancers, the negative effects of reduced sex drive and sperm count were on the top of the list when making SARMs. The producers of SARMs wanted to design a supplement that gave all the great benefits of steroids, while still specifically promoting full anabolic activity muscle and bone.

      All this is to say that SARMs have been specifically designed to avoid those side effects of reduced sperm count or other sexual side effects with could lead to problems infertility. Plus, they are showing to have minimal effects on the prostate in general, which can’t be said for most other steroids or prohormones. By avoiding high concentrations of anabolic steroids, scientists think SARMs will more effectively dodge the risk of throwing hormones wildly off balance.

      In fact, SARMs are giving some surprising results during testing phases that look promising. Some SARMs, such as LGD-2226 have even proven to aid in sexual function, as it has shown drastic improvement in studies, without affecting the prostate. In many lab studies, as well as human case studies, results have shown an increase in libido.

      LGD-2226, as well as a few others, can increase libido and endurance to enhance sexual performance. Since all of the hormones work together to balance out sex drive, metabolism, and body fluid levels, a product like SARMs can affect one area more than the other, so research is highly necessary. Additionally, these products are still new and still in testing phases, so they haven’t had long-term testing in these areas.
    2. Myjourney

      Myjourney Well-Known Member

      Aug 2017
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      As a beginner could you explain what SARMs are and how they help?

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