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    Discussion in 'Anabolic Zone' started by herunder88, Mar 8, 2012.

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      Hey guys, i have done a tad of research on my own and from what i can see the cycles getting criticized harshly seem to be on a great deal more than myself.

      Personal bio-

      I have previously run a cycle (from complete nutrition- yes collective sigh i heard it lol, however i have a buddy that works there ergo why im trying their products) with-

      milk thistle
      fish oil
      Buzzerk creatine
      60g protein shake

      -and was very happy with it putting on a good deal of lean muscle and experienced no liver problems then went on a post cycle of-

      milk thistle

      however i broke my arm riding my motorcycle and was out of the gym for a few months therefore losing my definition. I just went back and the same friend suggested this-

      DR1- 2 capsules a day, 1 in am 1 in pm
      3-test-oxo- 3 capsules daily
      NaTren HGX- 4 capsules daily, 2 in am 2 in pm
      Fish Oil
      Buzzerk Creatine
      60g protein shake

      I have found controversial posts and reviews on both products some liking it when run right others hating it. What do you guys think about the new cycle on possibly comments on my old cycle.

      Note- before i am blasted to "simply workout harder" i do freestyle wrestling and go to practice, lift five times a week, and take a conditioning class in college so effort isnt my problem. Throughout high school i wrestled 119lb weight class have always had a baby face and am just now having to shave some peach fuzz so my hormone levels arent exactly through the roof for a 21 year old.

      I have yet to actually open these products so if you have a good suggestion for other supplements that would work better or are more suited for my case i can always take them back. I appreciate it.

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