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    Interview with inspirational bodybuilder Dawn Barnable

    Dawn Barnable After

    The story of Dawn Barnable’s health challenges, which led to her losing a total of 144 pounds, have been an inspiration to many. This is a lady who fought off medical issues, the perceived stigma of being overweight and now visits her local gym on a daily basis. We are extremely pleased to publish Dawn’s interview in our second series of interviews with those involved in the bodybuilding world. Question: At what age did you take an interest in bodybuilding/exercise?

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    Interview with Alicia Gowans of Allys Angels and Alphas

    Allys Angels

    We are delighted to publish the first of our interviews with well known names in the world of fitness and bodybuilding starting with Alicia Gowans, the Managing Director & Head Coach of Ally’s Angels and Alphas. Alicia is hugely prominent and respected figure in the fitness industry and is the current World Champion in the global World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) Fitness +35 Diva category. She was inducted as a Global Ambassador for the WBFF and in 2017 was

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