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    5 Surprising Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

    Healthy eating and exercise is the very spirit of a healthy lifestyle. A gym membership and a vigorous intake of fresh wholesome foods, which includes vitamins and minerals along with your five a day, should help any dedicated individual to lose weight. That being said, there is no issue in helping Mother Nature along is there? Your diet, the way you exercise along with your mental attitude will all play a big part in how your body reacts to weight

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    4 Reasons You Aren’t Gaining Weight

    Building muscle is a difficult task and if you’re not 100% dedicated, you’re going to find that the results won’t come. You need to make sure that you’re eating healthily, getting enough protein and exercising regularly but sometimes, even when you do all that, it seems as though nothing is changing. A lot of people complain that they are hitting the gym multiple times every week and still not seeing any increase in their muscle mass or overall size. Often,

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    6 Ways To Build Muscle Without Joining A Gym

    If you’ve ever been a gym member, you’ll know just how expensive it is. Not only do most gyms charge a pretty high monthly membership price, but they also charge you just to join! For a lot of people, the gym is simply something that they could do without paying for but because they want to build muscle, they think that joining a gym is the only option. The truth is that there are plenty of ways to build muscle

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