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    3 Coolest Natural Bodybuilders

    Muscle growth

    World of professional bodybuilding is filled with guys who (ab)use sports enhancement drugs. And unfortunately, a lot of amateur bodybuilders get sucked in, to compete against testosterone junkies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to have a body that will last all your life and want to live longer, it might be a good idea to do only natural bodybuilding. People always argue about “natural bodybuilding” term. Some say it’s bodybuilding without any sports supplements,

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    Bulking up vs gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time.

    A lot of people believe that the only way to get muscular is to bulk up and eat a LOT of food daily, and when they finally hit their weight goal, they can begin “cutting phase” and lose all that fat to look vascular and ripped. I suppose that came from watching professional bodybuilders, who have “off-season” periods when they are bulky and bloated, and contest periods, when they are shredded to the bone. But many don’t understand that they

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    How much should you eat as a bodybuilder?

    Eating lots and lots of food is mandatory for determined bodybuilders. Because if don’t consume enough calories – you can’t grow. And if you have a caloric deficit, you will lose weight and your muscle. And of course you can’t consume any calories. Quality always comes first. No junk food, sugars or processed foods. But we will not talk about healthy diet principles in this article, instead we will find out how much should you eat, to get optimal strength

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    Simple routines for a wider and thicker back.

    Our back muscles take up to 30% of total muscle mass and your entire body. It’s the second source of power and mass just after leg muscles. So it would be foolish to ignore back training. It’s also an incredibly complex structure. Besides obvious muscle groups like lats (latissimus dorsi), spinal erectors and traps (trapezius) back has a whole load of smaller muscles like supraspinatus, longissimus dorsi, infraspinatus, rhomboids major and minor, spinalis dorsi… And that’s not even near the

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    How to deal with overtraining effectively.

    Overtraining is the part of the bodybuilding and even if you do everything right you will have to deal with it sooner or later. It’s when you exhausted and crushed both physically and mentally. Most of the times when you are overtrained you don’t want to do anything, just lie on a couch or do nothing. To keep long story short – overtraining can seriously hurt your training, your job and even your relationships because you just feel terrible and

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    How To Get Wider Shoulders

    Shoulder injuries

    This article is submitted through our Guest post feature, please encourage more guest posts by commenting , liking and sharing where possible… Shoulder width always was a true indicator of strength and power. Big “cannonball” deltoids have to be earned with sweat and blood, and most bodybuilders know that. But for some reason shoulders are not very popular amongst beginners and intermediates. And that’s a problem, because well-developed shoulders, abs and calves are a basis for a great physique. To

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    A Beginners Guide To Exercise: Five Great Ways To Help You Get Started

    Its tough getting back to full fitness

    Are you considering starting a fitness regime? Have you noticed the bathroom scales creeping up? Are those jeans getting tighter? Do you think your diet, lack of exercise and general morale needs improving? If so, you are already considering a change in lifestyle. This article will help introduce  five great pointers to help you get the most out of your healthy and active lifestyle through exercise (and therein diet) to help you achieve your goals. Let’s look at five elements

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    Bodybuilding Routines – Five Great Reasons to Improve your Workout

    The ultimate tips on how to boost your brain health

    Your days of being a newbie are long gone. You have been paying your direct debits for many a year now. However, things can start to get, well, a bit boring. This is because people get into routines. The best way we can get the most out of our bodybuilding regime (and keep ourselves ripped) is to make sure we improve our workouts regularly. What can we do to make sure we maintain and get the most out of our

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    3 most important things for getting ripped abs faster

    This article is submitted through our Guest post feature, please encourage more guest posts by commenting , liking and sharing where possible… Let’s be honest, almost every man out there (and some women too!) want to have ripped abs. A lot of us want it fast… But very few get real results. And that shouldn’t be surprising – getting little % of body fat is hard. And here is the reason why – our body needs fat to survive. That’s

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    3 Reasons to Train Your Legs Hard

    This article is submitted through our Guest post feature, please encourage more guest posts by commenting , liking and sharing where possible… Most people, especially beginners avoid leg training at all costs, or do very little and/or the easiest exercises. Here is the deal – if you don’t want to train your legs, you might as well forget about bodybuilding. It’s like running 100-meter sprint with your hands tied behind your back – still doable, but do you really need

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