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    4 Exercises for Legs you can’t miss

    Five simple but effective strength training strategies to garner maximum results

    When it comes to leg training it’s pretty straightforward. We can say it’s reasonably simple, but not easy by any means. The hardest compound movements will give you the biggest benefits so you should include some of these exercises in each leg workout. Below you will find 4 exercises, which will help you improve your legs significantly, if you do them. 1) Squats Shouldn’t be a surprise. Squats stimulate your full-body better than any other exercise. You can pack more

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    Training chest with Arnold Schwarzenegger


    Do you know any man who goes in the gym and does not do any bench presses? Probably not. While bench presses are amazing for building overall chest muscle mass, there are far more than that in developing thick, massive and striated pectorals. We will take a look at “Austrian Oak” chest routine and analyze the exercises, which could help you to build your chest and improve the areas that are lacking. And Arnold is known for his super-huge chest.

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    Best exercises improving lateral (outer) head of the triceps

    In one of the previous articles – “3 Triceps Exercises for explosive growth“, we discussed which exercises are best for building triceps mass. We gave you 3 amazing exercises to jump-start the growth process. After all, triceps takes 2/3 of arm muscles. So if you want big arms, forget about obsessive biceps training. But back to the point. Those exercises will give you massive inner/medium triceps heads and not so much for outer head. And to get that horseshoe triceps,

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    Why you should improve your forearms

    Many bodybuilders neglect forearm training and later they suffer, because their grip is weak and they have to use straps for heavy exercises and they can’t lift as much weight as possible. On top of that their forearms are looking weak and out of proportion. Big powerlifters always tell you that they don’t really train forearms, because it’s useless – they grow when they do heavy deadlifts.  So they don’t recommend it for bodybuilders either. While it’s true to small

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    How to force your calves into growth?

    Calves are definitely the most unpopular muscle group. When did you see someone with massive, ripped calves last time? Probably long time ago. And that’s not surprising when you analyze volume and exercises that people do for calves. Every muscle group needs different amount of volume and intensity, but generally, you must do at least 3 exercises with at least 3 intense sets in each, for good results. And train the muscle group at least once a week. That includes

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    Several tricks to overcome plateaus.

    Plateaus are common in bodybuilding and you will face one sooner or later (if you haven’t yet). But you shouldn’t worry, there are always few different ways to deal with plateaus and continue to grow. In this article we will talk only about training plateaus – which means problems in your training, and training only. In some cases people just don’t realize that they’ve grown on 5 kilograms in the last months and they must improve their diet and consume

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    3 Coolest Natural Bodybuilders

    Muscle growth

    World of professional bodybuilding is filled with guys who (ab)use sports enhancement drugs. And unfortunately, a lot of amateur bodybuilders get sucked in, to compete against testosterone junkies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to have a body that will last all your life and want to live longer, it might be a good idea to do only natural bodybuilding. People always argue about “natural bodybuilding” term. Some say it’s bodybuilding without any sports supplements,

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    Bulking up vs gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time.

    A lot of people believe that the only way to get muscular is to bulk up and eat a LOT of food daily, and when they finally hit their weight goal, they can begin “cutting phase” and lose all that fat to look vascular and ripped. I suppose that came from watching professional bodybuilders, who have “off-season” periods when they are bulky and bloated, and contest periods, when they are shredded to the bone. But many don’t understand that they

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    How much should you eat as a bodybuilder?

    Eating lots and lots of food is mandatory for determined bodybuilders. Because if don’t consume enough calories – you can’t grow. And if you have a caloric deficit, you will lose weight and your muscle. And of course you can’t consume any calories. Quality always comes first. No junk food, sugars or processed foods. But we will not talk about healthy diet principles in this article, instead we will find out how much should you eat, to get optimal strength

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    Simple routines for a wider and thicker back.

    Our back muscles take up to 30% of total muscle mass and your entire body. It’s the second source of power and mass just after leg muscles. So it would be foolish to ignore back training. It’s also an incredibly complex structure. Besides obvious muscle groups like lats (latissimus dorsi), spinal erectors and traps (trapezius) back has a whole load of smaller muscles like supraspinatus, longissimus dorsi, infraspinatus, rhomboids major and minor, spinalis dorsi… And that’s not even near the

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