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    Top Bodybuilding Mistakes That Limit Your Muscle Growth

    Getting ripped takes time and dedication

    Bodybuilding is good sport involving exercises to gain more muscles with principal activities being weight lifting and dieting. It is a beautiful game that improves the appearance of an individual to feel vigorous and good about them thereby boosting their confidence significantly. Bodybuilders have their body shapes checked and in good condition, get attention and become famous and gain more friends. There are several mistakes however that bodybuilders commit in their daily bodybuilding exercises that may make the desired result

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    Skinny-Guy’ Tips To Build Quick Muscle

    If you are a hard-gainer, then it is acceptable of you to think, you cannot build muscle genetically. More often, you are seen not putting any effort into it or, on the contrary, working too hard and not letting your body to recover. However, we have busted this myth for all you skinny guys out there. The following read will help you add some major muscle to your frame. Eating well and organized You are never going to get there

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    11 tips for injury prevention in bodybuilding, part 2.

    It’s the second part of the series you will learn even more tips to prevent injuries and keep progressing safely. You can find the first part here – “11 tips for injury prevention in bodybuilding, part 1“. 7) Be focused. When you perform the exercise you must focus on technique and the muscles you train. So your focus must be in 2 places at one time. Contradicting already, isn’t it? What you need to know is this – when you

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    11 tips for injury prevention in bodybuilding, part 1.

    Intense training and injuries can go hand in hand, fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way. You can prevent all of your injuries by following some simple guidelines and common sense. Below you will find the most important tips to make sure you can progress quickly and safely. 1) Warm-up before your first set! Obvious, but so much people skip the warm-up. Some people warm up with light weights on the first exercise set, but that’s not nearly enough.

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    Low reps vs High Reps The Debate Resolved

    Ripping your body, diet and exercise

    The debate about whether high reps or low reps are better for muscle growth has been going forever. In fact, my thesis was on this exact question and I am yet to see any good evidence to favor either side. Finally, a recent study which compared high reps and low reps sheds some light to the long- standing question. Why are high reps (8-12 reps) better? Bodybuilders: Bodybuilders always use low weight, high reps: 8-12 rep range .Power lifters always

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    The ONLY ONE Thing You Need to Know to Help You Gain Muscle (Except Training Effectively)

    Good grief, how come there are so many things a lifter needs to remember to be able to help him make reasonable gains in the weight room. This is especially true for guys who are training to gain muscle – for them the way they live their life becomes even more important than the lifting itself and the moments outside the gym becomes even more important than the moments spent IN the gym. Fortunately I have a great revelation to

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    Different Forms of Martial Arts

    From the early days of their invention to their dominance on big screens and their prevalence in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, it is evident that the popularity of martial arts has never decreased. Martial arts is a self-defense tool that embraces mental health and balance. Millions of people around the world practice some form of martial arts. Though most of the martial art forms originated in Asia, they are hugely popular in North America, as well. We will discuss the

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    Proof That Negative Training WORKS

    This is Iron thumb. As you can see this is my first post here on this Blog. I write about bodybuilding on my original blog and today what we are going to discuss my favorite technique for muscle-growth: The negatives. What the damn hell does” negatives” mean? It basically refers to the technique wherein you emphasize the negative-portion of the movement; for example you’re doing bicep curls, you will raise the weight at a normal phase and as usual you

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    Machines in bodybuilding. Are they any good?

    Exercise, mental strength and focus

    We hear a lot of controversy, whether machines are any good for building muscles or not. Some people prefer to stick with free weights only, others focus on machines. But what really works and what doesn’t? Basically, there are 3 types of machines: Smith machine (unique in machine category). Pushing/pressing machines and other machines without cable system (operating with levers). And all kind of cable machines. If we sort these machines by effectiveness, list will look the same – starting

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    What a complete newbie should do in the gym.

    If you are going in the gym for a first time, or you are on your first few weeks of training, there is something you need to know. If you want a truly great body you need to start with a strong foundation. The best way to do that is to have 3 short and light trainings with only compound movements. When you are just starting out, there is no reason to waste your time on isolation exercises. People like

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