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  • 4 Things That Are Destroying Your Workout Performance and Your Health

    4 Things That Are Destroying Your Workout Performance and Your Health

    You might be hitting the gym five times a week, sweating a lot, and constantly having sore muscles but still not seeing any progress with your workout performance. Even worse, you might be putting your health in danger without even knowing it and all of that just because of the few details you’re not getting right when preparing for a workout or right after it. However, changing these things in your everyday routine can make a real difference, so make

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    Skinny-Guy’ Tips To Build Quick Muscle

    If you are a hard-gainer, then it is acceptable of you to think, you cannot build muscle genetically. More often, you are seen not putting any effort into it or, on the contrary, working too hard and not letting your body to recover. However, we have busted this myth for all you skinny guys out there. The following read will help you add some major muscle to your frame. Eating well and organized You are never going to get there

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    Advice for starting your own personal fitness business

    Being a personal fitness trainer is a rewarding job in many ways. From the satisfaction of helping individuals get fitter and in better shape, to helping to keep yourself at a good level of fitness, a career in personal fitness training comes with many rewards. The good news is that you don’t have to be a body-builder or yoga fanatic to train to be a personal fitness instructor and even run your own personal fitness business. All you need is

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    6 Awesome stretches to help you sleep at night

    Change your exercise habits

    Stretching is beneficial to your overall health. It is especially good for your sleep. A nightly stretching routine can help you sleep better. Besides helping you sleep better, stretching can also help lower your stress levels. In addition, stretching can help you prevent injury Let’s have a look at some awesome stretches to help you sleep at night: Bridge Bridge touches the hips and legs. You will have to lie face up with your knees bend and your feet planted

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    Keys to a Successful Workout Routine

    Everybody wants that spring break/summer/beach body but how many people actually look the way they imagined by the time the temperature starts rising? Probably not a whole lot. Now, there are countless ways to go about getting that dream body, or simply getting back into shape. Some of those routes are healthy, while others aren’t so much. In order to improve your overall wellness, better your physical image, boost self-confidence, and improve so many other aspects of your life, there

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    How To Find Workout Motivation And Get Out Of Your Exercise Rut

    It’s time find some workout motivation and get out of your exercise rut. When it’s not clicking and you know you can do better take on these ideas to get you back on track. Make It Social Get your friends to exercise with you. If someone is expecting you to show up to go for a run, you are more likely to do it. It makes you accountable. Dragging a friend along with a similar goal is a tried and tested

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    Should I Bother With Protein Shakes?

    These days, it seems that almost anyone that’s looking to build muscle goes out and buys a nice big tub of protein shake. The thing is, a lot of people don’t really question why they are doing this. They simply think that because they want the perfect body, they should go out and buy a protein shake and it will act as some kind of “magic potion”. A lot of people that buy protein shakes will find that it has

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    10 Best and Worst Foods to lose Weight

    Yes, not every food is good for you and more so when it comes to matters to do with weight. It is quite often that we may not make the right distinctions between the skinny foods and the ‘bad foods’. Every food is good, but not all foods will be good for your weight. Certain foods will help you shed the excess pounds while others will do the exact contrary. Here, I will start by looking at foods which will

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    10 Changes You Need to Make to Lose Stubborn Fat

    Muscle growth

    Belly fat. Stubborn, annoying and seemingly impossible to get rid of. Everyone wants to lose it but only few seem to succeed. What’s the secret? Fat burning pills? Drinking 10 cups of tea everyday? Detox smoothies? Nope, none of that. I’m about to tell you the reality behind losing stubborn belly fat and if you make these 10 changes you will lose your belly fat and the love handles that come along with it. During my years of experience as

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    Low reps vs High Reps The Debate Resolved

    Ripping your body, diet and exercise

    The debate about whether high reps or low reps are better for muscle growth has been going forever. In fact, my thesis was on this exact question and I am yet to see any good evidence to favor either side. Finally, a recent study which compared high reps and low reps sheds some light to the long- standing question. Why are high reps (8-12 reps) better? Bodybuilders: Bodybuilders always use low weight, high reps: 8-12 rep range .Power lifters always

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