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  • A student from Loughborough university, 15 mins questionnaire.

    Discussion in 'General Chat' started by lufbratom, Mar 5, 2017.

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      Mar 2017
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      Hi everyone,

      I am a student from Loughborough University in the UK (one of the top sport university). And I am doing a project about "does intermittent fasting affect mood in a calories deficit group and surplus group, as well as comparing the result with those who are not engage in intermittent fasting in the target population of people who are engaging in resistance training." The reason why I am interested in this project is because I am interested in intermittent fasting and want to provide support to the lifestyle and make sure it is healthy in the Psychological aspect like it does in the physiological aspect.

      I would need participants that do intermittent fasting and those that stick with a normal training style as well. Thank you
      This questionnaire will take you less than 15 mins. Thank you

      Best regards,


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